You Already Knew

Reclamation of your innate childhood wisdom is not about looking back, it’s about bringing forth

You know. Deep down you know, you always have.

I am here with you while you remember, while you reclaim your truth. 

I wrote this book for you while mapping my matrescence, the transition into motherhood. I believe we come to know what is true through the reclamation of our innate childhood wisdom. You Already Knew is designed to be an introspective guide for you as you map your matrescence. 

This book is for those who know there’s more to raising kids than they’ve been sold, for those who aren’t afraid to step outside the confines of conditioning. If you are forging a new path and reimagining your family lineage, this book is for you. 

Through coming home to you and what You Already Knew the way you see children and childhood will be forever changed. It is my hope that as a result, you find the courage and capacity to extend deep reverence and respect to children, even if this was not your experience. 

I believe that to heal the planet is to raise children who will create a world unrecognisable to us. To do that our kids must know their needs will be met and know they will be consulted, trusted, revered, and respected. Are you with me? 

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About the Author

Zoe is an author, child activist and thought leader on growth through osmosis. She sees a world where our natural rhythms are restored, and children lead.

She recognises the innate wisdom of childhood and implores adults to see beyond the confines of societal structures to regain sovereignty.

An avid researcher and remarkable storyteller, Zoe revolutionises the way educators prioritise trust, freedom, and autonomy for children.


“To heal the planet is to raise children who will create a world unrecognisable.” – Zoe Haack

I believe it to be that simple, yet simultaneously that hard! For their success relies upon our capacity to shift the way childhood is viewed and therefore experienced.

If we are to succeed, we must see a mass reclamation of innate childhood wisdom. Bricks and mortar stores are places that bring us all together, we are committed to cultivating connections and relationships with leading independent book stores, kids stores, gift shops and cafes.

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