We are here to walk alongside you on your parenting journey while you rediscover your vibrance and vitality, while you reconnect with family flow.

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  • Heard – Voxer Messenger Support


    Heard is about having a sounding board who will champion your strengths and mirror them back to you. In a world that largely fails to see or hear the plight of parents allow me to be the person who hears you!

    In Heard you’ll enter into an all access, nothings off limits conversation with me. Over four weeks we will explore family flow and go on a journey of self discovery.

    Are you ready?

  • One on One Mentoring Session


    Sometimes we need to be seen, heard, held and honoured in our experience. Regardless of our role, regardless of season, regardless of how society tells us we ‘should’ feel.

    I’ve a knack for working with people in ways that create some serious shifts and clear the channel for your truth to drop in.

    There’s no one right way to get from where you are to where you want to be, what you need along the way is someone shining the light to light up the path that’s always been there for you.

    Let me shine the light.

  • Reconnected


    Reconnected is for the women who know there’s more to it than a ‘to-do’ list.

    It’s for those who are ready to reconnect to their inner guidance system.

    It’s you and me 1:1 taking a look at all the things.

    I’ll guide you to see wider. You’ll be held while you reconnect to your intuition and grow your trust.

    Let’s get you reconnected to you!

  • Seeing Me


    We all deserve to be seen.

    To be witnessed as the uniquely magnificent beings we are.

    ‘Seeing me’ will see us dive into the patterns of your family. We’ll explore your programming and shine a light on those you desire to take forward while holding space for those that no longer serve.


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