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  • Clarity and Purpose Bundle


    Clarity and Purpose In-Service Workshop Bundle;

    • Ethos – Bigger than Philosophy.
    • Colab – Culture by Design.
    • Manifesto – Vision Realised.
    • Bonus 2 hour Leadership Team QIP Strategy Session
  • Co-Regulated and Connected


    The capacity to self-regulate, and return to a state of calm contentment after stressors, is something that many adults are investing energy and resources into. Yet we tend to hold children to a higher standard than ourselves.

     Co-regulated and Connected is for teams who are ready to move beyond behaviour guidance through seeing all behaviour as communication and making a commitment to meeting the need that sits below the behaviour.

  • Colab – Culture by Design


    Every successful team started as someone’s dream. A dream that someone decided was possible. A dream that was worked at consistently and from a place of clarity every day until it became a reality.

  • Ethical Living – Play with the planet in mind


    We’ve only got one Earth and the research confirms that early experiences matter. Ethical Living – Play with the planet in mind is centred around making decisions in daily life which take into account sustainability and environmentalism alongside a richer understanding of the wildlife and natural seasonal shifts in your space.

    Consistent daily actions with ethical living in mind add up, explore simple yet powerful and meaningful ways to grow your services commitment to ethical living. And no, it’s not going to be about compost bins and worm farms 🙂

  • Ethos – Bigger than Philosophy


    Ethos definition: “The characteristic and distinguishing attitudes, habits and beliefs of an individual or a group.” Ethos, it’s your why, your point of difference. The foundation upon which everything else is built.




  • Honouring Infancy


    Infancy is a magical and fleeting time in a person’s life. These souls packaged so neatly into the adorable bodies of babies are primed to explore, experiment and learn in every moment.

    Honouring Infancy is a two hour In-Service Workshop centred around understanding the simple yet complex world of infancy so that your team can best support infants and their families.

  • Leadership Mentorship


    Leadership is critical yet an investment in the growth of leaders is often overlooked in Early Childhood Education and Care Services.

    Investment in the growth of Leaders is an investment in the growth of your service. 

    This three month Leadership mentorship is designed to meet you where you are at and support your growth, aligned with service Philosophy and Purpose. It’s for the emerging leaders and those seeking to take their leadership to new heights.

  • Manifesto – Vision Realised


    This is the Quality Improvement Plan writing course like no other. Manifesto is about being bold, creative and congruent with the heart and soul of your space. Going beyond what you ‘need’ and incorporating what you ‘desire’ to see for the children, families and team that make up your unique community.

  • On-the-floor Coaching


    The professional practices of your team are the heart and soul of your service. Ensuring that daily practice is aligned with your Philosophy and Purpose is central to your success.

    This is on-the-floor coaching designed to identify and support areas of growth for your team.

  • QIP Critique


    Your Quality Improvement Plan is your roadmap to success, the document that takes your Philosophy and Purpose from paper to practice.

    Is your roadmap in top condition or is it a little tatty around the edges and buried deep in the glovebox? Allow us to provide you with practical feedback on your QIP while walking alongside you in planning for your QIP success moving forward.

  • QIP Mentorship


    The Quality Improvement Plan is to Early Childhood Education and Care what a roadmap is to the traveller. Places of significance clearly marked, distances travelled measured and clearly defined routes all assist the traveller to move from where they are to where they want to be

    This three-month QIP mentorship is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be. To turn problems into possibilities and create a plan around how your service prioritises pausing, pondering and in turn pivoting practice. Together we will dive into the regulatory requirements while seeking to create a dynamic document that brings your vision to life.

    It’s time to do away with the traditional childcare experience.


  • Rewild Early Childhood


    In nature, there’s an unwritten law, a knowing that we can only thrive when everything around us thrives. A world on the brink of climate collapse alongside climbing rates of childhood anxiety and mental health challenges ought to be enough to have us questioning how we got here, and perhaps more importantly, where we go next.

    This session is for teams who know deep down that there has to be another way, for those who are unwilling to do things just because it’s always been that way. Are you ready to Pause, Ponder and Pivot practices in your service to align with childhood rewilded?

  • Strategic Service Growth Session


    Being seen, heard, held and honoured in our experience is a basic human right, so too is true for our strategic service growth.

    I’ve a knack for amplifying a services core message to support serious shifts and growth.

    There’s no one right way to get from where you are to where you want to be, what you need along the way is someone shining the light to light up the path that’s always been there for you.

  • The Autonomous Child


    Intentionally involving children in making decisions is something that can divide a group. You either find it innately easeful or the mere thought of handing over the reigns, so to speak, is terrifying. For this reason autonomy is often not consistently embedded through the routines and rituals of Early Childhood Education and Care Services.

    In The Autonomous Child we take a journey back to our own childhoods to search for clues. Clues that help us understand what our current practices and beliefs are built upon. From here we make some commitments to action around providing the children in your space with increasing amounts of freedom and autonomy.

  • Voxer Support – Four weeks

    A four week opportunity to ask me all of the questions to help you gain clarity in your unique journey of growth.
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