Join a community of families who are committed to doing the work so that they can show up for their kids in ways that align with their values and also support “Putting children at their best advantage.”

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  • Honouring Infancy – Thriving through the first year


    Infancy is a magical and fleeting time in your child’s life. These souls packaged so neatly into the adorable bodies of babies are primed to explore, experiment and learn in every moment.

    At no other time will your child be so dependant yet so capable of deep and purposeful contemplation. The thing with this capacity to see the world through such awestruck and purpose driven eyes is that your child can only see what we, the adults, put them in front of. Our children’s capacity to learn and understand the world limited only by the big people….

  • Osmosis

    Our children are wired for growth, wired to acquire knowledge and skills through everyday life. In Osmosis we dive into natural, organic and indirect ways of supporting your child’s growth. A 5 week immersive group container to explore the concept of growth through osmosis.
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