Zoe Haack

Child Activist, Author, Mother

I see children as whole and complete beings worthy of being witnessed in their experiences.

I believe it is our responsibility as adults to see, hear, trust and honour kids for who they are.

This sees me advocating for the daily practice of deep attunement and an increased capacity to extend autonomy and freedom to our world’s most precious resource, the small people.

My first book ‘You Already Knew’ invites you to reconnect to your former self, the you from your youth to bring forth the wisdom you were born with. 

I understand the intricacies of family life and draw upon my professional background and lived experiences to tune you into you, turning chaos into calm.

Your way of looking at things will be forever changed as a result of this journey, for together we will uncover your intuitive flow.

Are you ready to reconnect to you AND gift your children with the blueprint for a connected life?

If partnering with a passionate protector of a child’s right to freedom speaks to your soul please reach out, I’d be honoured to support you.

Brendan Haack

Podcaster, Explorer, Father

I grew up with a deep connection to the land and sea, I cannot imagine a life disconnected from the bush.

Helping people, big and small, develop a deeper understanding of the subtle seasonal changes of the land drives me. I believe that all children would benefit from experiences that ground them.

When you work with me you are choosing to develop and hone practical hands on skills. I will walk alongside you exploring experiences that will captivate and engage your children while promoting a deep connection to and respect for the land that sustains all life.

For all things emerging naturalist, ethical living, rough and tumble or risky play you’ll see me deeply involved. 

Let’s get you living in synergy with the land and the sea.

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