“To heal the planet is to raise children who will create a world unrecognisable” – Zoe Haack

Hello and welcome.

We are Brendo and Zo, husband and wife duo doing life our way. We are adventurers, wonderers and ponderers at heart. Together we find ourselves questioning all that we have ever ‘known’ to be true. As a family navigating our children’s early years, we often have more questions than answers, more ‘imagine if’s’ than solid ground.

If you too have found yourself here rest easy knowing you are not alone. Adventuring, pondering and questioning is, in our experience, enlightening to say the least. We are here to journey with you as you live your truth and find family flow.

Through our role as child activists we champion the voices of children and challenge adults to reconnect to intuitive flow. We understand the importance of making evidence-based research tangible and practical and believe that through partnering with parents we can create deep and lasting change. Our core business is simplicity on the far side of complexity.

Freedom and autonomy are, we believe, critical for every person. We are committed to supporting people to create environments where children are encouraged to be authentically and unapologetically themselves. 

We will walk alongside you as you unpack the experiences of your life to uncover how they have shaped your present reality. 

Are you ready to ask yourself the big questions on your parenting journey? 

Are you ready to make soul aligned decisions and take inspired action that puts  children at their best advantage?

Are your ready to raise children who will create a world unrecognisable to you?

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